I Believe...

...All women can celebrate their unique femininity, shamelessly!

....The true power of a woman can never be taken away by sweatpants.


...I believe in trusting your gut because it is always right.

...For me, putting on lip gloss is like Clark Kent taking off his glasses.

...When playing truth or dare, always choose dare

...The universe is always listening. Be careful what you tell it.

...I believe the scale doesn't measure your worth. (Besides it's usually lying anyway).

.Wearing makeup isn't necessary to make a woman beautiful, however it is a ton of fun!


...I Wear a push up bra, while doing push ups.

...Superstition is serious business - I have a good luck charm on me at all times.

...I believe in always buying good shoes. It's a necessity if you plan to land on your feet.

...True Confession: I love sending my husband naughty pictures of myself when I travel - I can even imagine his face in meetings when they pop up on his iPhone.

...You can own your world if you live fearlessly, think audaciously and act spontaneously.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Mosier and Lightful Photography